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THe uk home of america's NEW premium cbd oil

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Why choose cali craft cbd?

Quality, Care and sustainability.

California Craft CBD take pride in their commitment to quality and attention to detail over industrialized mass production. Bringing a more artisanal approach to the process.


The products are made in small, handcrafted batches with great care for flavour, colour and efficacy. They source only the highest quality, planet friendly ingredients. From the small family farms that provide the hemp oil to the local printer who prints our labels, California Craft CBD has been a part of the process that lovingly goes into each bottle.

From choosing our crops, extracting our oil, to the final formulation, bottling and customer service we take care to use only the best practices, processes and ingredients. Our processes are driven by integrity, quality and a strong belief in empowering people to achieve autonomy over their wellness. We feel this is what separates us from our competition.


Why is our product better than the competition?

  • Biomass: Our partners produce some of the best Hemp available on the market. We source our biomass from only quality and experienced partners who share our philosophy and commitment to high-quality goods developed with sustainable practices to ensure that pesticides and heavy metals are not found in our products.                          

  • Commitment to quality: From seed to lab it is ensured that all of our processes are guided by the principles of quality, not in only in terms of the product but of the services associated with our products.                                              

  • Extraction methods: Contrary to the popular trends in the industry we feel that the use of closed loop cryogenic ethanol extraction is a much better than the alternative of super-critical CO2 extraction methods used by our competitors.


  • Formulation: Our formulist has a strong scientific and laboratory based background (as well as being former chef) who is an expert with the ability to marry the concept of flavour profiling with hard science to ensure that not only are the tinctures formulated in a way that optimizes bioavailability, flavour profiling, consistency of experience and quality of the extract but that the product itself is light and flavourful as well as being highly effective.


  • 3 stages of testing during the manufacturing and creation process.


    • Flower test (very important, concentrate will magnify this by 100x)

    • Concentrate test

    • Final Product batch test                   ​



Prudens Healthcare aim to bring the best in lifestyle and

health products to you in one place, specialising in premium products at a great price. Our team have years of experience in the healthcare industry, specifically focused on customer service, quality and efficiency.

It is our wish to provide the best products available to improve the health and wellbeing of our customers, whilst maintaining an ethical and inclusive brand.

Whether you're a sports person looking for help with recovery, a veteran looking for relief from aches and pains, or an exhausted parent hoping for a better nights sleep, it is our goal to aid in achieving your happier, healthier life.

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